our goals

Willow River Boot Company was created to provide safe, durable, and comfortable work boots for women. We are a small, growing Minnesota business. Our mission is to provide work boots for women that not only meet the common safety requirements, but are built for a women's unique foot structure. One of our goals for our boots is to design them so that they are aesthetically pleasing to our female customers. We know that not all women want a man's boot with pink laces and instead desire safety footwear that they can relate to and enjoy. 

What inspired Willow River Boot Co. 

Growing up in a family shoe business, I often notice a lack of authentic and appropriate safety footwear for women.  The only options for women appear identical to the men's boots - bulky, heavy and stiff.  Not having appropriate options, women tend to find their work boots uncomfortable as little thought is given to how women's feet differ from men's.  To make the product appeal to women, most manufacturers use stereotypical female characteristics, such as the color pink for laces as an accent color.  Most women's work boots are smaller versions of men's work boots.  Knowing of resources and that there is more than the color pink to distinguish women's work boots from men's, I knew this problem could be solved.  I thus decided to pursue the women's work boot industry as my senior thesis project for the University of Minnesota's graphic design program.  I am continuing to work on building Willow River Boot Company and hope to have product available for women at Chet's Shoes this fall. 

- Emily Latawiec


***Update 10/4/16

Unfortunately, Willow River will not be ready fall of 2016 as important details and construction are still in the works.  We are hoping product will be ready by fall of 2017.  Stay tuned!